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The Bateleurs - Volunteer pilots flying for the environment

Africa Sky Runners supports The Bateleurs in their mission to provide aerial support for the environment in South Africa and other parts of Africa, through annual donations.


Founded in 1998, The Bateleurs is a Non Profit Company (NPC), with over 200 volunteer pilots and aircraft. It provides its beneficiaries and the public with an aerial perspective of the environment and has coordinated several thousand flights, and diverse missions, throughout South Africa and Africa, in support of environmental issues.

Flying with passion and purpose. 

Supporting conservation in Africa

 "Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."


- Frank Lloyd Wright.

Our flying safaris take us to some of the most beautiful, remote and pristine wildlife reserves in Africa.  As with many wild places, these areas are often under pressure and require the dedicated efforts of conservationists to protect and preserve their natural beauty and wildlife.   


We, along with our guests, are fortunate to witness the natural beauty of these places and feel compelled to contribute to their protection. Africa Sky Runners founders, Mike and Nicola, are FGASA-qualified in field guiding and conservation, bringing their passion and knowledge to conservation efforts.  

The Bateleurs have become a vital force in supporting conservation efforts in these areas across southern Africa. The Bateleurs are dedicated to addressing a wide spectrum of environmental challenges with volunteer pilots. With fixed-wing and ultralight aircraft they undertake a diverse array of conservation missions from combatting poaching with aerial assistance in the dehorning of rhinos to conducting aerial surveys of wetlands and safeguarding endangered species like vultures and red-billed oxpeckers. 


The unique aerial perspective contributes to environmental assessments and facilitate safe and swift transportation of animals, minimizing stress and contributing to the overall success of conservation initiatives.  The Bateleurs' missions have covered thousands of miles in their 25 years of operations, ranging from cross-country relocations of wild dogs between South Africa and Mozambique, cheetahs between Malawi and South Africa,to shorter-distance endeavours, all tailored to the specific needs and requests of partner organizations.

As passionate environmentalists and pilots, it is therefore a privilege for Africa Sky Runners to contribute to The Bateleurs.

In addition to Mike being a volunteer pilot for The Bateleurs, a portion of profits of all Air Safaris will be donated to The Bateleurs for ongoing aerial support in partner conservation efforts.

We thank you, our guests, for helping us  continue to be part of greater conservation efforts in Africa!

The Bateleurs in action

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