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Dedicated to Making Adventures and Experiences Accessible by Air

With Nicola's exceptional passion, visionary flair, and boundless creativity, coupled with Mike's business acumen, passion for nature and client experiences, you are presented with the perfect team to organise a thrilling and secure journey of air-bound adventure and exploration.

Making adventures and experiences accessible by air.

Our Pilots

Our Founding Adventurers and Pilots

Mike White

Mike White, co-founder: Has over 700 hours of flying experience exclusively in small bush planes. Partnering with Nicola , Mike's aviation journey began in 2017, sharing countless flying escapades across Africa's remote, air-accessible treasures. Having abandoned a senior banking role, Mike's career shift signifies his unwavering passion for nature, aviation, travel, and crafting extraordinary client experiences. He acquired his private pilot license in 2018, progressing to night and instrument ratings and culminating in a Commercial Pilot License. His fervour for flying permeates every facet of his work, allowing guests to savour the world from a unique aerial vantage. Beyond aviation, Mike harbours a deep affinity for nature and wildlife, seeking to facilitate profound connections with Africa's stunning landscapes and fauna. His adventurous spirit and zest for life are infectious, underpinned by an unyielding commitment to safety and excellence. Outside the cockpit, Mike immerses himself in various outdoor pursuits, including paragliding, mountain biking, and photography. His extensive flying experience, nature devotion, and dedication to unparalleled adventures cement Mike White as a vital contributor to our team, turning dreams of immersive air safari experiences into reality for our guests.


Nicola Quagliere

Nicola Quagliere - founder: A seasoned airline captain and aviation enthusiast, boasts a dynamic flying career across continents. His aviation odyssey commenced in 1994 in South Africa, where he secured his Commercial Pilot License. Returning to his homeland, Italy, Nicola ascended to the role of Airbus A320 Captain at Ita Airways, showcasing his aviation prowess. While his current role is in commercial aviation, Nicola's heart lies in exploring the African skies. His love for flying led to remarkable journeys across Southern Africa, mastering bush flying amidst rugged terrains and stunning landscapes. In 2005, commemorating a decade since obtaining his license, he embarked on a three-month expedition, logging over 70 flight hours across 35 destinations, from iconic sites like Epupa Falls to remote corners of Northern Malawi. This epic journey gave birth to "Africa Sky Runner," a unique concept celebrating Africa's untamed beauty. Over two years, Nicola meticulously crafted a comprehensive product, including remote landing areas, lodges, camping sites, and tailored accommodations. This endeavor aimed to make adventures accessible by air, encompassing seamless execution of customs, immigration, transportation, and activities. Nicola's commitment extended beyond aviation as he pursued FGASA certification, enhancing his ability to provide insightful and educational experiences in Africa's breathtaking landscapes. In essence, Nicola Quagliere's story is one of unwavering passion, audacious exploration, and visionary entrepreneurship, bridging the African skies with the aviation industry while crafting exceptional, unique travel experiences for adventurers worldwide.


The Fleet

Experience luxury and style when you choose Africa Sky Runners for your private air charter and air safari . Along with our partners, we deliver your experience with a fleet of Cessnas to adapt to your group size and to provide the best experience and safety - so you can relax and enjoy the journey and explore the skies in style and create memories that will last a lifetime.


The Cessna 210 stands as a six-seat, high-performance marvel, featuring retractable gear, a single potent engine, and a high-wing design, marking its prominent status within the realm of general aviation's light aircraft.  

The 210 is known for its versatility, speed, and safety and is the perfect air safari aircraft.


The Cessna 206, known also as the Stationair, are a family of single-engined, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear, used in commercial air service as well as for personal use.  Also having a high wing design 206's are renowned for their visibility, flexibility, safety and durability and are perfect air safari aircraft.  

CESSNA 208 ("Caravan")

For larger single groups, the Cessna Caravan - a turbine powered, 14 seat aircraft is the answer.  It's been called the "Swiss Army Knife of the sky", highlighting its multi-functional capability and robust design, reliability and adaptability to environments. 

Depending on configuration, the Cessna 208 Caravan can carry up to 12 passengers.

With large windows and high wing configuration it continues to offer amazing panoramic views, and is built for unpaved and short remote airstrips with incredible short take-off and landing performance 


We Support


Africa Sky Runners supports The Bateleurs NPC in their mission to provide aerial support for the environment in South Africa and other parts of Africa, through annual donations.

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