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Bateleurs / Africa Sky Runners Conservation Safari

Supporting conservation in southern Africa.

Embark on an awe-inspiring conservation air safari across South Africa – from the Cape to northern Kwa-Zulu Natal - traversing its varied biomes. Trace the footsteps and air routes of the dedicated volunteer pilots of The Bateleurs who have championed environmental and conservation missions throughout the country through their aerial support, as well as other conservation initiatives like the Cape Honey bee in Eastern Cape. Your pilot / guide Mike White, himself a Bateleurs pilot, will share the stories of the various missions at each stop.  

  • Follow 6 Bateleurs Mission from the Cape to the northern regions of Kwa-Zulu Natal

  • Explore and experience 6 Biomes across South Africa


Bateleurs/Sky Runners
Conservation Safari Itinerary
14 days
Max: 4 guests

  • Pabala Private Game Reserve | Eastern Cape

    • Conservation Initiative: Cape Honey Bee Protection & Education

  • Cape Mount Zebra Reserve | Western Cape

    • Conservation Missions: Census and relocation flights

  • Kwandwe Game Reserve | Eastern Cape

    • Conservation Missions: Lion and leopard tortoises (endangered species) relocations

  • Babanago Game Reserve

    • Conservation Missions: Lioness relocations for genetic diversity, and rewilding project

  • Phinda Game Reserve | Kwa-Zulu Natal

    • Conservation Missions: Rhino dehorning and anti-poaching patrols, relocations of cheetah, lions, pangolin and elephant tracking

  • Rock Tail Bay | Northern KZN

    • Conservation Missions: Marine Surveys of Marine Protected Area's (MPA's) 

  • Manyoni Game Reserve | Kwa-Zulu Natal

    • Conservation Missions: Pangolin, vultures, lions and cheetah's protection

From $15,500 per person (for 4 people)


  • All internal flights with Cessna210 aircraft; departing from Cape Town International airport and drop off at OR Tambo, Gauteng 

  • Personal pilot/guide/host 

  • Accommodation: Mix of local authentic accommodation experiences to 4/5 star

  • All meals and drinks

  • Game drives and conservation related local activities at certain reserves

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