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Oh the Flying Memories We’ve Made!

Explore Africa like never before with Africa Sky Runners. Our private air charters offer a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of Africa from the skies. Our friendly and experienced pilots will take you on a journey that will leave you awe-inspired. Take a look at our gallery of photos from past trips to see for yourself the amazing views you can expect with Africa Sky Runners.

Kruger Park
Aug 2023 

At Africa Sky Runners, we are passionate about providing unparalleled private air charters and scenic flights. Our recent private air safari to Kruger Park was enjoyed thoroughly by father and daughter, and we strive to provide the same unforgettable experiences to all our guests. With expert knowledge of the region, we are here to help you create the journey of a lifetime.

Flying Safari: Africa's Wild Waterways
Oct 2023

In early October, we returned from a highly successful flying safari with our friends. Our purpose was to scout out a new itinerary for a future trip—an expedition designed to explore and connect some of Africa's untamed waterways through an exhilarating flying safari across borders. Our journey took us along the mighty Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, the breathtaking Chobe River in Botswana, the tranquil Kwando River in Namibia, and the renowned Okavango River and Delta, once again returning to Botswana.

Throughout our adventure, we were treated to incredible wildlife sightings, witnessed awe-inspiring sunsets, and, of course, experienced thrilling low-level scenic flights. It was an absolutely amazing adventure!

Desert, Space and Stars: Tankwa Fly-in and Camp Experience
Nov 2023

We escaped to the Tankwa Karoo for an overnight fly-in and desert camp, immersing ourselves in its unmatched beauty. Our private camp in the heart of this majestic desert provided the ultimate retreat, where silence and peace prevailed. The awe-inspiring sunsets, vast open spaces, and a breathtaking blanket of stars allowed us to truly connect with the surrounding space.

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